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People do and create all kinds of interesting things, but these folks are more than just their creations. Dom and Steph, bloggers and loving critics of all things nerdy, talk to people who do cool stuff with a focus on getting to know those people better.

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    Episode 46: Chill Times with Lee

    We're here with another interview with our friend Lee to talk about photography, makeup, and generally shoot the breeze!

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    Geekly 141: No Transphobes In My Potato Patch

    Hey, this is a special week for the podcast! Or more specifically, we just have a lot to talk about. So, there are two episodes this week! This first episode is all the non-video game news, including catching up on WandaVision and DuckTales, as well pointless controversies. Pop culture everywhere, it was fun! Check back over the next few days for another episode and an interview.

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    Geekly 140: Hard Time For A Big Agent

    It's another episode! We had another food corner, of course, then got into the news of the week. Then, some movie and show announcements, and the big video game events from the past week. Good stuff.

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    Geekly 139: Bad People and Meat Roses

    We're back with another episode! It's great. Since it was Valentine's Day, we talked about food again, and then a bunch of of topics. Lots of celebrities being jerks, new video games coming out, and lots of movie and tv news.

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    Episode 45: Cozy Takes With Sydney

    We're here with another interview with our friend Dr. Sydney Gibson to talk about knitting, social media, racial politics intersecting both, being a creator in 2021, and more.

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    Geekly 138: Macaroni in the pot, that's that Sam & Bucky

    Hey, another episode! We brought back food chat, discussed Amazon's power change, and had some good game news, both tabletop and video! Then, Riverdale, Brandy's Cinderella, and WandaVision spark some chatter. Lastly, we get into a lengthy discussion about the game, Medium starting at the 59:00 mark. Trigger warning on that, but we give ample time warning if you want to tap out before that. It's our last subject, so you won't be missing anything else.

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    Geekly 137: "Lick the boot, yum yum yum"

    We've got another fun weird episode. We talked about a few things, of course the GameStop stock discussion. Then we got into news about a Sonic show, Sega business stuff, and the ongoing case of Stadia. Plus some other things. It's cool, check it out!

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    Episode 44: Getting Real with Mega Ran

    We're here with another interview with teacher/rapper/hero/author Mega Ran, to talk about his new memoir, "Dream Master". We talked about what went into writing it, and what his journey through the years has been like. A great conversation overall!

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    Geekly 136: King Kong V. Godzilla: Dawn of Bernie

    We've got another one! This time, it's just Dom and Eric while Steph is out, but there's still content. We talk about the inauguration, which took up everyone's mindspace, as well as demon ladies, kaiju, and corporations. Chill stuff, right?

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    Geekly 135: Put The Disc in the Slot

    It's 2021, and we back with new episodes. The world is...rough, but we still hit some pop culture chatter to keep people entertained! We had a lot to catch up, like Wonder Woman 1984, Soul, and the Xbox Series X. But we have new topics like WandaVision, the new Nic Cage movie, and the Razer smart mask...and more! It's fun!

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