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People do and create all kinds of interesting things, but these folks are more than just their creations. Dom and Steph, bloggers and loving critics of all things nerdy, talk to people who do cool stuff with a focus on getting to know those people better.

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    Geekly 110: Smooth Segue

    Oh wow, this is a really long episode. There were a ton of video game announcements, people being called out for bad behavior, performative actions occurred, and pop culture is in flux. Also, lots of chat about Pokemon. Also, maybe video game customization needs to chill? Check it out!

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    Geekly 109: Boomed Babies

    We've got another one! Another Pokemon Snap was announced, meme wars are upon us, and we have some Sonic news? That's cool. A bunch of games are being announced everywhere, too. That's fun. Check it out!

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    Geekly 108: Digital Pinkeye

    Another podcast! Happy Pride! We've got Nickelodeon, Game Grumps, Land of the Lustrous, and video game reveal discussion! PS5? PC Games? Other things? We got it all. Check it out!

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    Geekly 107: Gail Simone & Sonic the Hedgehog

    We're back in somewhat higher spirits this week. There's still serious things going on in the world, but we have some pop culture things to chat about. Like, there's some new anime to talk about! And, there's a Sonic movie coming out! And brands are doing a lot. And World Of Warcraft continues to continue! Hey, take some time to relax, and check it out!

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    Geekly 106: Black Lives Matter

    The world is a lot right now and we needed to just chat. We may have gotten some things wrong, as we're human. If we got something wrong please let us know. It's a raw time and we just wanted to clarify that Black lives matter. Thanks for listening; we'll try to have some fun back on next week.

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    Geekly 105: Gail Simone Don't Miss

    We've got another one! Content was kind of light, but we made it happen! Some shows are coming back with adult swim's help, Amazon made a video game, the Snyder Cut is real now, and more. Hey, check it out!

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    Geekly 104: Pre-Ordained Miku Dances

    We're back with even more fresh content. Needed a week off to get back up to speed, but we have lots of pop culture takes. Of course we have a DuckTales recap, but some She-Ra Season 5 discussion, Vocaloid and Project Diva chatter, and EVO online thoughts. Check it out!

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    Geekly 103: Clapping Disaster

    We have another episode, loaded and ready to go! The laughs came early on this one. We get into some chat about recent movie news, some D&D chat, then chat about other games. EVO is being changed? Then we have our weekly DuckTales recap. Lovely stuff really.

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    Geekly 102: My Character in the Back, T-Posing

    We've got another episode! Following the trend, we have another packed episode. We've got shows like Midnight Gospel, Thunderbolt Fantasy, and DuckTales. Then we have games like XCOM: Chimera Squad and Animal Crossing. And we might be late to the party, but Steph saw the masterpiece, Parasite. Lots to hear, so jump on in.

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    Geekly 101: A Full Rotation

    We're back with another one! We talked about a lot of games this week, including some tabletop vampires and a nice Games Done Quick event. Plus, Duck Tales, and...puppets? It was a wild one.

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