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People do and create all kinds of interesting things, but these folks are more than just their creations. Dom and Steph, bloggers and loving critics of all things nerdy, talk to people who do cool stuff with a focus on getting to know those people better.

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    Geekly 77: Let Pikachu Drop the F Bomb!

    It's another one and it's pretty game heavy, but we start with some other good stuff. We started with some discussion on His Dark Materials, then we got into a long Pokemon chat, before getting deep into video games. THQNordic stepped in it, Mortal Kombat continues with being kampy, Melee won't be at EVO, and more! Check it out!

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    Geekly 76: Our Bodies Are Ready

    We're here and we're having a good time! This was a quick one, but we had some nice topics. We talked about some leadership changes at Nintendo, as well as some other recent video game talks. And topics! Yay, Marvel. Also, Space Jam 2 got a date, and we've got some questions. Then we got into that weird, viral letter going around Philadelphia because we're well as some other viral postings. It's been a weird week, check it out!

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    Geekly 75: Movies, Awards, and Video Game Business

    It's another one! Despite getting done quickly, we talked about a lot. We re-introduced our Discord, because of course. Then we talked about film auteur, Tommy Wiseau, and Disney movies. After that, we got on our award show game and talked about the Grammy's and the Steam Awards. Lastly, we rounded out with discussion about the Activision Blizzard layoffs and Overwatch League; life is complicated. But hey, we made it light, check it out!

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    Geekly 74: We Have A Discord!..and pop culture chatter

    We're back with another episode! We have a nice, shiny Discord link if that's your jam! Either way, we talked about a a diverse set of topics! We start with some reactions from Super Bowl commercials, which includes Marvel trailers. Then we talked about video game world, which had to deal with Overwatch, as well as some Kingdom Hearts 3 chatter, the new battle royale game, Apex Legends, and a virtual concert in Fortnite. Oh! And Wargroove! We also talk a bit about some problems in the voice acting community. It's a packed episode, check it out!

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    Geekly 73: Kingdom Hearts 3 Is Out, so...

    It's a party! Kingdom Hearts 3 came out! A Birds of Prey teaser came out! Rent Live was a fiasco! How much fun could we have? The answer is, a lot actually. Check it out!

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    Universal Reveal: A Steven Universe Finale Spoilercast

    Hey, it's our Steven Universe season finale spoilercast! We had a lot of fun with this episode and sort of trying a new-ish format. But basically, this episode is exactly what it says! We recap the finale, giving some of our thoughts along the way along with some DISCOURSE to go with it. We hope you like it, and look forward to hearing some feedback. Check it out!

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    Geekly 72: We Live in a Fun Universe

    Dear Listeners, we've got another one for you all! We talked about a lot, again, and for a while actually. Marvel got a lot of our time with Oscar nomination talk, as well as discussion on a new trailer. We get unfortunately somber for a moment, and then dive into a long toy diatribe. And then politics, charity, and streaming? Oh my. Oh! And we touch on the latest Steven Universe, but we have a spoiler cast coming up soon; no spoilers in this one though. Check it out!

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    Geekly 71: Mid Convention Chilldown

    Hey friends! We took a break from Ohayocon to record a brisk episode! We talked about a few things; Carmen Sandiego, Stranger Things, of course some Overwatch, and Steven Universe. Oh. And we talked about bad fashion at anime conventions. Don't be one of those guys. But it's good! Check it out!

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    Geekly 70: New Year New Stuff

    We're back for the new year! It's good times, right? So, apologies that this episode was late...sometimes schedules slip. Maybe we're being controlled by an outside force like in Black Mirror's Bandersnatch. Or maybe we've just been floating around the internet like Mary Poppins. Who knows? What even is this bit? Nerdy stuff came up, conversation was fun, check it out!

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    Geekly 69: Happy Holidays (Nice)

    Wow it's the end of the year. It's been a long one for sure, and we wanted to send out the end of the year with our annual celebratory Q & A! We also did our typical geekly stuff with some discussion on Into the Spiderverse, Aquaman, MIB International, and more! Thanks for sticking with us through another year through our ups and downs, and we look forward to everything we've got planned for 2019. Cheers!

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