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People do and create all kinds of interesting things, but these folks are more than just their creations. Dom and Steph, bloggers and loving critics of all things nerdy, talk to people who do cool stuff with a focus on getting to know those people better.

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    Geekly 29: Is Rose Quartz the Snape of Steven Universe?

    Check it out, gang! To very minimal fanfare, it's our one year anniversary! We celebrated by doing a regular episode and covering the nerdy. We got gaming news, Deadpool cartoon, Sleepy Hollow got canned, and new games. Then, we dive into last week's Steven Universe episodes. It was a full week, and we spoil the whole thing. If you want to avoid them, skip to at 59:35. And as always, it's a great one.

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    Geekly 28: They Shat on the Film

    Yeah we earned the explicit tag this week! So we got into some real world issues like politics and Nicki Minaj. We quickly went into understanding the marketing behind Wonder Woman, Star Wars Day, and Free Comic Book Day. Then, because we love Marvel too, we raised concerns about the Inhumans, the Defenders, and got weird about Guardians of the Galaxy 2. We promise we're adults.

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    Geekly 27: That Would Get You Laughed Out of Anime School

    So, we kind of started with conversation about roaches, for some reason? So, content warning on that if that suits you. But, we're nerds, so of course we got into some minor Bill Nye chat and other internet jazz. Then we pretty much shot the breeze about Marvel's newest nonsense. But then we talk about Steven Universe fora bit. We were all over the place, but it was fun.

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    Geekly 26: Did You Say Jude Law Is In Dumbledore?

    We're back from our little convention break with the weekly updates! Tekko was a great convention, but we still found time to catch the Star Wars and Thor trailers! Additionally, we get hype about Carmen Sandiego, Cable and Deadpool, and wonder what's going on in Dumbledore's head.

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    Geekly 25: Spider-Man 2 Isn't Just One of My Favorite Superhero Movies

    The obligatory April Fools' Day episode! We didn't get all that ridiculous, but, we did talk about ridiculous and interesting nerd stuff. We covered some of the cool pop culture April Fools' events that took place, the implications of a Black Santa Claus, the misadventures of Joss Whedon and more, of course! Check it out, we had fun, you will too!

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    Geekly 24: Smells Like Salt and Pain

    We got into it on this one. Movies are doing the bright and colorful thing, but Death Note really brought our spirits down. But we stayed optimistic because of Power Rangers, Spider-Man, and the Justice League. Check it out!

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    Geekly 23: Bootywatch: Equal Opportunity Booty

    It's another one! We decided to talk about what Marvel is up to, movie reboots, and convention news. As always, we got off the rails many times, but brought you last week's interesting news. Check it out!

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    Geekly 22: Hong Kong Phooey Would've Had a Better Revival Than Iron Fist

    We're back and smooth as ever! We talked about the Marvel world including Thor and company's fashion and the controversy surrounding Iron Fist. Then we went to movie land to discuss the newest Wonder Woman trailer, a Little Mermaid trailer, and the casting for Deadpool's Domino. We rounded things out with a Steven Universe recap and good times were had. Jump right in!

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    Geekly 21: It's Got Good Mouth Feel (featuring Zora Gilbert)

    We brought in our special guest Zora Gilbert to talk about their Kickstarter for Dates! An Anthology of Queer Historical Fiction (Volume 2). And as always, we got up to some geeky news including some talk on the Nintendo Switch, a bunch of comic trailers to come out, Overwatch, Steven Universe, and comics. Action packed and hilarious, our specialty.

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    Geekly 20: Sombra is Blizzard's Deadpool

    It's Oscar Watch 2017! Or, at least, a Geekly while the Oscars were on. We caught up on Steven Universe, recent Overwatch news, and what Key & Peele have been up to. (Hamlet and Get Out) Other than that, we're up to our usual jokes and laughs, but actually quicker this week! You'll love it!

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