Character Reveal

People do and create all kinds of interesting things, but these folks are more than just their creations. Dom and Steph, bloggers and loving critics of all things nerdy, talk to people who do cool stuff with a focus on getting to know those people better.

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    Episode 20: We Spread the Deets with Anna

    We got a chance to talk to Anna Tarkov of the Unconsoleable podcast about mobile gaming and the associated space, the stigma surrounding getting old and motherhood, and shared some kind words with each other. It's nerdy, it's games, get into it!

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    Geekly 3: Soldier 76, Confirmed Trekkie

    As always, we chatted about what happened this past week. So, Rogue One, Welcome to Showside, and Alex Trebek inciting a rap beef? Sounds about right.

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    Episode 19: Culture Chat with Ismail

    Some mild audio issues. We caught up with our good friend Izzy to chat about a lot of things: Meeting celebrities, dealing with racism in the media and how to cope, millennial struggles, a discussion about what constitutes a culture (is nerd culture or spoiler culture a thing?), and some rants about anime! What more could you want?

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    Geekly 1: Luke Cage and the Hasbro Extended Universe

    It's our first real episode of Geekly Reveal! It's an addition to what Character Reveal already is, to give you all something a bit general to catch up on things that may or may not be outside of your own wheelhouse. We'll still have the guest conversations on Thursdays, no worries! This week, we talked about a bunch of Luke Cage and other comic superheroes, as well as our upcoming NYCC plans!

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    Episode 18: All the Fandom with Aja

    We got a chance to talk to our friend, and fandom reporter, Aja Romano! We talked about internet culture, how memes can come and go into fashion, and how fandom works as a phenomenon. Also, we chatted about horror movies!

    We had a few audio glitches, but the episode still came out. It sorts out around 25 minutes. Sorry in advance.

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    Episode 17: Geekly Reveal?

    We did a hosty episode! Steph and Dom caught up and chatted about what our coming plans are for the show and ourselves. We also built a soft pilot for a potential extension to the show. We would love your feedback on our new concept, Geekly Reveal! We talk about the nerdy things we've seen that happened in the past week.

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    Episode 16: Talking Nerdy and Tech with Tatiana

    We got a chance to talk to the Grand Dutchess of Tech herself, Tatiana King! We talked about so much, including phone advice, a past Star Trek convention, convention tips, cosplay, and even frustrations with Pokemon. Also, we had some annoying technical issues, but we kept the interesting parts of them. Check it out!

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    Episode 15: Talking Random with Robby

    We caught up with our friend Robby, an indie game developer and generally cool guy. We talked about the game of course, and reminisced about old shows, talked about the benefits of working from home, and laughed about different things.

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    Episode 14: Games, Trees, and Candy with Kahlief

    We talked about all kinds of things with Kahlief Adams of Spawn On Me. Of course we got into video games and podcasting, but also tree jokes, meeting your heroes, racist candy and all kinds of laughs. Definitely not one to miss!

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