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People do and create all kinds of interesting things, but these folks are more than just their creations. Dom and Steph, bloggers and loving critics of all things nerdy, talk to people who do cool stuff with a focus on getting to know those people better.

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    Geekly 93: Down the Hedgehog Hole

    It's our weekly episode, how about that? We get our mini Oscars recap on, with a side of Laura Dern chat. Then we get into our non-spoiler thoughts on the Sonic movie. Then we get back into Steph's descent into the Fast & Furious lore. Overwatch League is going strong and the desk has Dom pretty content with fashion. Hey, and My Hero Academia is still going. What an episode, check it out!

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    Sonic Reveal: Sonic The Spoilercast

    We saw the Sonic movie, so, we're talking about the Sonic movie. It's got all the spoilers, and we chat about everything we could think of. For the most part, we enjoyed it, and have some enjoyable things to say. Check it out!

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    Geekly 92: They Had Time!

    It's another one! The energy just keeps flowing, and we talk about a good bit. We chat about some Fast and Furious lore, My Hero Academia's latest shenanigans, Wargroove getting new content, and Birds of Prey! Good news, for that one. Also, Overwatch League is back, Good Smile has a lot of new toys, and Death Note came back and they were ready to drop some heat.

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    Geekly 91: Sprinkling the Spice

    Hey, we're back again! We start by chatting about Black History Month a little bit and then get into the pop culture chat! We get into fandom spice, Dom goes on a long chat about new Overwatch features, Steph keeps us up-to-date with Pokemon Go, and we finish off by talking about the Grammys. So much to say, so little time. Check it out!

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    Geekly 90: Cats, Hedgehogs, and Good Boys

    Hey, like we said, another one in quick succession! Today's is a little bit short, but that just means it's packed with more fun. We finally saw Cats...we chat about the new goings on with the McElroy Bros. show, Sonic came up, and Overwatch League is coming back. Fun chat, check it out!

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    Geekly 89: Su-Pies. Surprise Pies.

    Sorry for the delay, listeners. Some personal stuff slowed us down. That said, we still have an episode for y'all! We talked about our time at Ohayocon, Little Women, My Hero Academia, and some other good stuff. Some language stuff? It's fun, check it out!

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    Geekly 88: It's the End of the Year, and Batman Has No Quirk

    Well listeners, it's been another hell of a year, and we decided to do another tipsy episode answering listener questions. Other than that, it's just hanging out enjoying the end of a year and decade. It's fun, check it out!

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    Geekly 87: Tekashi is in Hero Academia?

    (Spoilers for My Hero Academia until about the 14:40 minute mark.)

    It's another episode, jam-packed with chatting! We've got My Hero Academia recaps, we got some chatter on Knives Out, we got the Game Awards, and Steven Universe Future! What a day, check it out!

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    Geekly 86: Scrooge McDuck is the Ideal Billionaire

    We're back after our little break and we're just as ready to go. We have some nice chats about Frozen 2 (spoilers), the American Dad Speedrunning Community, more Disney+, The Game Awards, and My Hero Academia, of course. Wow! Jam-packed! Well hey, check it out!

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