Character Reveal

People do and create all kinds of interesting things, but these folks are more than just their creations. Dom and Steph, bloggers and loving critics of all things nerdy, talk to people who do cool stuff with a focus on getting to know those people better.

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    Geekly 142: Four Flavors of Iron Man Rockin' the Camper

    This is a special week for the podcast! Specifically, we had a lot to talk about. So, there are two episodes this week! This is the second episode, and it's all about video games, political or not! The Sony and Pokemon "conferences" were this week, so we had to recap those. Additionally, there were issues with studios closing, studios being threatened, and anti-union sentiment were abound. We've got it all.

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    Episode 46: Chill Times with Lee

    We're here with another interview with our friend Lee to talk about photography, makeup, and generally shoot the breeze!

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    Geekly 141: No Transphobes In My Potato Patch

    Hey, this is a special week for the podcast! Or more specifically, we just have a lot to talk about. So, there are two episodes this week! This first episode is all the non-video game news, including catching up on WandaVision and DuckTales, as well pointless controversies. Pop culture everywhere, it was fun! Check back over the next few days for another episode and an interview.

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    Geekly 140: Hard Time For A Big Agent

    It's another episode! We had another food corner, of course, then got into the news of the week. Then, some movie and show announcements, and the big video game events from the past week. Good stuff.

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    Geekly 139: Bad People and Meat Roses

    We're back with another episode! It's great. Since it was Valentine's Day, we talked about food again, and then a bunch of of topics. Lots of celebrities being jerks, new video games coming out, and lots of movie and tv news.

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    Episode 45: Cozy Takes With Sydney

    We're here with another interview with our friend Dr. Sydney Gibson to talk about knitting, social media, racial politics intersecting both, being a creator in 2021, and more.

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    Geekly 138: Macaroni in the pot, that's that Sam & Bucky

    Hey, another episode! We brought back food chat, discussed Amazon's power change, and had some good game news, both tabletop and video! Then, Riverdale, Brandy's Cinderella, and WandaVision spark some chatter. Lastly, we get into a lengthy discussion about the game, Medium starting at the 59:00 mark. Trigger warning on that, but we give ample time warning if you want to tap out before that. It's our last subject, so you won't be missing anything else.

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    Geekly 137: "Lick the boot, yum yum yum"

    We've got another fun weird episode. We talked about a few things, of course the GameStop stock discussion. Then we got into news about a Sonic show, Sega business stuff, and the ongoing case of Stadia. Plus some other things. It's cool, check it out!

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    Episode 44: Getting Real with Mega Ran

    We're here with another interview with teacher/rapper/hero/author Mega Ran, to talk about his new memoir, "Dream Master". We talked about what went into writing it, and what his journey through the years has been like. A great conversation overall!

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    Geekly 136: King Kong V. Godzilla: Dawn of Bernie

    We've got another one! This time, it's just Dom and Eric while Steph is out, but there's still content. We talk about the inauguration, which took up everyone's mindspace, as well as demon ladies, kaiju, and corporations. Chill stuff, right?

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    Geekly 135: Put The Disc in the Slot

    It's 2021, and we back with new episodes. The world is...rough, but we still hit some pop culture chatter to keep people entertained! We had a lot to catch up, like Wonder Woman 1984, Soul, and the Xbox Series X. But we have new topics like WandaVision, the new Nic Cage movie, and the Razer smart mask...and more! It's fun!

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    Geekly 134: Juicy at Work

    Happy New Year! We did our annual drink-and-answer-listener-questions episode. It definitely got goofy, but it was fun to unwind after the chaotic mess that was 2020. We appreciate everyone sticking with us and following throughout the years. We're looking forward to bringing you more content this year, and we hope there will be more good times. Cheers!

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    Geekly 133: CCU 4: End of the Year is Near!

    Happy Holidays! It's our bests-of-the-year episode, and we speak on some movies, games, podcasts, and more! Before that, though, we have our common food chat, and some news from the week. It's a long one, but a good one.

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    Geekly 132: CCU 3: Amazon Underwear Selfie

    We're back again! Apologies, there was some weirdness with the audio on our end. That said, we started on some tangents before we got into industry business. Movie, tv, games, all of that. Disney dropped a ton of information, and the Game Awards did their thing. So, typical week.

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    Geekly 129: Grease Lightning Going to Heaven

    We're back, a little late on uploading, but it's here! Hope the holiday weekend was decent if you could enjoy it. We talked about a lot, but Supernatural, Musou games, and the Game Awards were our big topics. But you know we had other pop culture on deck. It was fun.

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    Episode 43: Fight Choreographer Tonya Lynn

    We're back with another interview with our fight choreographer friend, Tonya Lynn. We talk about some of the ins and outs with setting up stage fights, what that's been like in the pandemic times, and other opinions on nerd stuff. It was a good time.

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    Geekly 128: Arby's Salty Meat

    Hey another episode! We talked about food a lot, since maybe it was a weird news week? Or maybe we were just hungry. At any rate, we also talked about new Netflix movies, game stuff, the new consoles, and some other related pop culture? It was good.

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    Geekly 127: "Big Horny for Steve Kornacki?"

    Hey, we're back from our little break and it's been a wild week. So, of course, the election was this past week and we talk about it a fair bit. Plus, Supernatural is relevant again? That's something. Plus talk about Hades, Hyrule Warriors, and the new next-gen consoles. And like, much pop culture and game chatter. So...get into it!

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    Bonus Episode: Go Out and Vote!

    In this special episode, we really encourage you to vote, and talk about why it's important, and that there might be more to think about if you were considering skipping.

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    Geekly 126: The Museum of Rubbing Your Butt on Stuff

    Another episode? You bet! Sonic was a big movie, MCU has a star making people sad, Twitter and Stadia had a new main characters, and AOC was big on Twitch. And like, there's a lot more going on too!

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    Geekly 125: Simping For Mario

    Hello citizens, we are here! Full strength team, and we've got some stuff to chat about. League of Legends is playing with the bounds of parasocial relationships, the PS5 user interface has been revealed to mixed thoughts, and there is discourse in the graphic novel sphere. Besides that, there's discussion about comic book movies and Ducktales.

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    Geekly 124: Cute Little Mortal Kombat Thing

    Yo yo, we're back with another episode! Eric is still recharging, so Steph and Dom keep the party going. Overwatch esports and and content are poppin, tech companies have to relax, we have a new partnership, and lots more TV and game news are abound! And as always, more DuckTales! It was a good one. The new format is still smooth too, of course.

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    Geekly 123: It's Just a March for Capitalism

    Hooray, we're back with another episode! We don't have Eric today, but he'll be better soon. So Steph and Dom steer the ship through some problems at Disney, the wildness with Smash Bros, and just more weirdness in pop culture and games. Also! More DuckTales! It was a good one. The new format feels nice, and we have some Halloween music.

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    Episode 42: A Conversation with Emily Kennedy

    Content warning: Discussion of human trafficking and related topics and issues.

    We have our friend, Emily Kennedy, on to talk about a lot. We talk about the important work her company has done in the field of preventing trafficking. We also talk about lighter topics, including the art of podcasting, and plenty of pop culture and nerdy references and discussions. It's heavy at times, but a good listen.

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    Geekly 122: The Roomba's Snitch Older Sibling

    Hey, we're back and trying a new format! We want to really focus on a few topics and bring out what is important/cool about them. But, we still want to chat about a lot of topics, so we do a quicker rundown at the end. Please let us know how this new format sounds, and let us know any feedback you have! That said, we talked about the new Ring drone, the Microsoft purchase of Bethesda, and the new studio from former Lab Zero devs. Also! We're back in DuckTales land, which is super cool.

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    Geekly 121: Zoom In On the Face

    It's another episode and as always, there was some heavy stuff and some good discussion, and then our typical pop culture chatter. We started with some difficult news this week. Then, we went into news with TV, and news with video games, and all that kind of stuff.

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    Episode 41: We Talk Creative Hustling With Genny

    Hey we're back with another cool interview. This week, we talk with our new friend, Genny, about living in quarantine as a performer, writing scripts, and creating content. We also had some good pop culture chat. Overall, just a really good time.

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    Geekly 120: The Minus of Its Whole, Yuck

    More news more news! With some fresh news, we realize John Boyega really can't catch a break. The world is on fire metaphorically and literally, which is impacting pop culture, so, delays and cancellations. But, there are some cool new developments in gaming. There's a lot, but it's interesting!

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    Geekly 119: That Was Stupid, Right? How ya like me now?

    We're back again, and despite trying to keep things short, we couldn't help ourselves. We chatted about the John Boyega GQ UK interview, and some much of the problems with the Star Wars sequel trilogy. We also get to lots of video game chat with the news about the Mario 35th anniversary celebration and more!

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    Geekly 118: Rest in Power, Chadwick Boseman

    Rest in peace, Chadwick Boseman.

    We have a new episode, but it starts out heavy. We take a moment to mourn an actor who meant a lot to many people. This episode starts heavy in general. But, we do get to pop culture, and that's more lighthearted. There was a lot of game news on the table, and it's either rough, or just a little out there. Also, a little bit about cartoons and reboots. Eh. Be good to each other.

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    Geekly 117: Unforced Errors and Big Game Chat

    Here's another episode! Remember, you can catch us live on Twitch on Sundays around 7:30pm EST: This week, we talked about some of the crap going on at Netflix, but then we had fun and talked about DC Comics and their new info releases. Marvel did the same, too. Then it was video game talk! Summer Games Done Quick did well, Nintendo had news, and more!

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    Episode 39: We Talk Performance with Anne

    We've got another interview for you all! This time we chat with a Pittsburgh based performer, Anne Rematt! We talk about stage acting, performance during lockdown, and more. We also have a nice chat about Renaissance Festivals, which was a delight.

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    Geekly 116: Admitting You've Never Pleasured Your Wife to Own the Libs

    We're back with another weekly episode! And this one, again, is packed. It's a lot of video game chat, but we have other things too! Online personalities owning themselves, pirate sites disappearing, more DuckTales to come, and more! Then, Microsoft is in trouble, Apple, Google, and Epic are in trouble, but some games are getting new characters and ports, that's good right?

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    Geekly 115: Props to our Sapphic Friends

    We've got another episode, and it was fun. We talked about so much, starting with the Overwatch Summer Games, then we kept talking about games. Then, we talked about TikTok and Instagram, and a bunch of weird stuff going on with those companies. Then we got into some resurfaced discussions about The Matrix, some new animation stuff coming out, and then some Hollywood issues. A packed episode; check it out!

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    Episode 38: We Chit-Chat With Bonnie!

    Hey! We've got another episode of Character Reveal! It's an interview with our friend, Bonnie Ramone. She's a musician, tattoo artist, and founder of the Pittsburgh Creative Collective, an outlet for artists to find ways to perform and connect during the pandemic.

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    Geekly 114: We Did A Streamed Version

    Hey, we're back with another episode, and we did this one live on Twitch! We talked about a good few topics, including Umbrella Academy, a possible Tiktok ban, UPN coming to Netflix, a discussion about "Gen Z language," and some other things! Check it out!

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    Geekly 113: Cyberpunk? More Like Cyberf**k

    We've got another episode for y'all! For some reason, Dom decided to go on a Marvel tangent. But besides that, we have talk about recent video games, Xbox's presentation, and The Adventure Zone graphic novel, but mostly games!

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    Geekly 112: Finger On the Bad Take Machine

    Hey, we're back from our small break! This is a pretty packed episode, but before that, we want to say thank you to everyone who showed up to our recent charity stream! Between donations and some workplace matching, we were able to raise a little over $1000 for the Transgender Law Center. Thank you all so much.

    Thanks to our friend @Slothargic on Twitter for our Avatars in that stream

    For this episode, we have a lot of topics! We have some talk about Rocket Arena and Cross Code, then we jump around to Summer Games Done Quick and Twitch ridiculousness. Of course, we discuss how Dom angered gamers with Overwatch opinions. Then some pop culture, and of course, Gamer Girl. Also, Hank Hill's politics came up? Check it out!

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    Geekly 111: Opus Magnum

    Hey, today's episode is a little heavier. We start with some discussion about Amazon's Crucible going back into beta. But after that, we address a lot of the accusations and discussions going around the gaming and fighting game communities. And then we close with some discussions about Cards Against Humanity. We do sneak a bit of levity in there, but it's a mostly more serious episode. We do think it's worth a listen though. Check it out.

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    Geekly 110: Smooth Segue

    Oh wow, this is a really long episode. There were a ton of video game announcements, people being called out for bad behavior, performative actions occurred, and pop culture is in flux. Also, lots of chat about Pokemon. Also, maybe video game customization needs to chill? Check it out!

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    Geekly 109: Boomed Babies

    We've got another one! Another Pokemon Snap was announced, meme wars are upon us, and we have some Sonic news? That's cool. A bunch of games are being announced everywhere, too. That's fun. Check it out!

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    Geekly 108: Digital Pinkeye

    Another podcast! Happy Pride! We've got Nickelodeon, Game Grumps, Land of the Lustrous, and video game reveal discussion! PS5? PC Games? Other things? We got it all. Check it out!

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    Geekly 107: Gail Simone & Sonic the Hedgehog

    We're back in somewhat higher spirits this week. There's still serious things going on in the world, but we have some pop culture things to chat about. Like, there's some new anime to talk about! And, there's a Sonic movie coming out! And brands are doing a lot. And World Of Warcraft continues to continue! Hey, take some time to relax, and check it out!

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    Geekly 106: Black Lives Matter

    The world is a lot right now and we needed to just chat. We may have gotten some things wrong, as we're human. If we got something wrong please let us know. It's a raw time and we just wanted to clarify that Black lives matter. Thanks for listening; we'll try to have some fun back on next week.

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    Geekly 105: Gail Simone Don't Miss

    We've got another one! Content was kind of light, but we made it happen! Some shows are coming back with adult swim's help, Amazon made a video game, the Snyder Cut is real now, and more. Hey, check it out!

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    Geekly 104: Pre-Ordained Miku Dances

    We're back with even more fresh content. Needed a week off to get back up to speed, but we have lots of pop culture takes. Of course we have a DuckTales recap, but some She-Ra Season 5 discussion, Vocaloid and Project Diva chatter, and EVO online thoughts. Check it out!

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    Geekly 103: Clapping Disaster

    We have another episode, loaded and ready to go! The laughs came early on this one. We get into some chat about recent movie news, some D&D chat, then chat about other games. EVO is being changed? Then we have our weekly DuckTales recap. Lovely stuff really.

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    Geekly 102: My Character in the Back, T-Posing

    We've got another episode! Following the trend, we have another packed episode. We've got shows like Midnight Gospel, Thunderbolt Fantasy, and DuckTales. Then we have games like XCOM: Chimera Squad and Animal Crossing. And we might be late to the party, but Steph saw the masterpiece, Parasite. Lots to hear, so jump on in.

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    Geekly 101: A Full Rotation

    We're back with another one! We talked about a lot of games this week, including some tabletop vampires and a nice Games Done Quick event. Plus, Duck Tales, and...puppets? It was a wild one.

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    Getting Bi #16: TTRPG Dads

    Hey friends. Since times are getting a little bit rough, we wanted to do a little side series to give daily recommendations for things to help get us all through. Today, Steph recommends an actual-play podcast about dads in a fantasy setting. Let us know what you're doing to get by!

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    Getting Bi #15: Video Game Remixing Community

    Hey friends. Since times are getting a little bit rough, we wanted to do a little side series to give daily recommendations for things to help get us all through. Today, Dom recommends listening to some video game remixes from a dedicated community. Let us know what you're doing to get by!

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    Getting Bi #14: Puzzle Books

    Hey friends. Since times are getting a little bit rough, we wanted to do a little side series to give daily recommendations for things to help get us all through. Today, Steph recommends spending some time with crosswords, word searches, coloring books and puzzles. Let us know what you're doing to get by!

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    Getting Bi #13: Streamed Video Games

    Hey friends. Since times are getting a little bit rough, we wanted to do a little side series to give daily recommendations for things to help get us all through. Today, Dom recommends watching some video game streaming. Let us know what you're doing to get by!

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    Geekly 100: Cloud From Kingdom Hearts

    We've made it to 100 episodes of Geekly Reveal! What a strange and cool milestone. We even brought on a special guest to round out the team! Our friend Eric joins us to talk about Animal Crossing, the Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Persona 5 Royal, Valorant, and Ducktales Season 3. It's a packed episode, and was a fun one.

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    Getting Bi #12: Tabletops Together

    Hey friends. Since times are getting a little bit rough, we wanted to do a little side series to give daily recommendations for things to help get us all through. Today, Steph recommends playing some tabletop role playing games with friends. Let us know what you're doing to get by!

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    Getting Bi #11: Gentle To-Do Lists

    Hey friends. Since times are getting a little bit rough, we wanted to do a little side series to give daily recommendations for things to help get us all through. Today, Steph recommends a using gentle to-do lists to get a bit done each day. Let us know what you're doing to get by!

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    Getting Bi #10: Jazzy Gaming Covers

    Hey friends. Since times are getting a little bit rough, we wanted to do a little side series to give daily recommendations for things to help get us all through. Today, Dom recommends a band doing jazzy covers of video game music. Let us know what you're doing to get by!

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    Getting Bi #9: The Home Backlist

    Hey friends. Since times are getting a little bit rough, we wanted to do a little side series to give daily recommendations for things to help get us all through. Today, Steph recommends catching up on some older content. Let us know what you're doing to get by!

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    Geekly 99: Animal Cross-Pollination

    Here's another episode! We talked about Steph's adventure into Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Dom has some interest in Valorant, a new shooting game from Riot, and we talk about representation in games and more on Onward.

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    Getting Bi #8: Horror Movies and Stats on YouTube

    Hey friends. Since times are getting a little bit rough, we wanted to do a little side series to give daily recommendations for things to help get us all through. Today, Dom recommends a horror movie recap show on YouTube. Let us know what you're doing to get by!

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    Getting Bi #7: Archivist Horror Podcast

    Hey friends. Since times are getting a little bit rough, we wanted to do a little side series to give daily recommendations for things to help get us all through. Today, Steph recommends a horror podcast. Let us know what you're doing to get by!

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    Geekly 98: Diamonds, Tiger Kings, and Ducktales, Oh My!

    Despite all the content we're pumping out, we still have a Geekly! Lot to talk about, including Tiger King, Steven Universe Future, Ducktales, and One Step From Eden. We're pushing through, and had a good chat.

  66. Thumb 1585710015 artwork

    Getting Bi #6: Slay The Battle Network

    Hey friends. Since times are getting a little bit rough, we wanted to do a little side series to give daily recommendations for things to help get us all through. Today, Dom recommends an action video game with deckbuilding elements. Let us know what you're doing to get by!

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    Getting Bi #5: Disney's Afternoon Superstar

    Hey friends. Since times are getting a little bit rough, we wanted to do a little side series to give daily recommendations for things to help get us all through. Today, Steph recommends the a great animated show. Let us know what you're doing to get by!

  68. Thumb 1585538018 artwork

    Getting Bi #4: Stream On

    Hey friends. Since times are getting a little bit rough, we wanted to do a little side series to give daily recommendations for things to help get us all through. Today, Dom recommends the power of streaming services. Let us know what you're doing to get by!

  69. Thumb 1585459738 artwork

    Getting Bi #3: John Mulaney and Brecht

    Hey friends. Since times are getting a little bit rough, we wanted to do a little side series to give daily recommendations for things to help get us all through. Today, Steph recommends one of her favorite romance authors. Let us know what you're doing to get by!

  70. Thumb 1585371158 artwork

    Getting Bi #2: Role Playing Card Video Game

    Hey friends. Since times are getting a little bit rough, we wanted to do a little side series to give daily recommendations for things to help get us all through. Today, Steph recommends one of her favorite romance authors. Let us know what you're doing to get by!

  71. Thumb 1585279663 artwork

    Getting Bi #1: Romance Novels

    Hey friends. Since times are getting a little bit rough, we wanted to do a little side series to give daily recommendations for things to help get us all through. Today, Steph recommends one of her favorite romance authors. Let us know what you're doing to get by!

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    Geekly 97: Yellow Diamond is an Alpha Karen

    Times are wild but we're here with another one! We didn't have a ton of topics, but we had a solid chat. Media is changing since everything is cancelled, Steph saw the Steven Universe movie, Dom started streaming, and Marvel decided to piss off the whole internet. Plus, we go on tangents like it's our job...which it kinda is! We're all Homestuck now!

  73. Thumb 1584474290 artwork

    Geekly 96: It's a Square Slime Girl

    It's another one because content gotta flow! Steph saw Onward, and that inspired some goofy and deep discussions. Speaking of which, we got into some of the ramifications of Steven Universe Future, and how that story is playing out. We finish up with our weekly My Hero Academia chat, and discuss what our own quirks might be. It's a packed episode!

  74. Thumb 1583983962 artwork

    Geekly 95: What If Ninja Had a Quirk

    Hey hey, we're here with another one! We talk about so much here. There's going to be a show for The Last of Us, there's lots of new games and playtests going on, My Hero Academia continues to be interesting, and the Sonic IDW comic is apparently pretty dark. Whew, so much! But it's good.

  75. Thumb 1582349602 artwork

    Episode 37: We're Here With Phonetic Hero!

    We're back with another episode! This time, we're talking with video game composer, Phonetic Hero. We talk to him about his work on Wargroove and its recent expansion, Double Trouble. We talked music, games, and generally shot the breeze. It was a good time, check it out!

  76. Thumb 1582780520 artwork

    Geekly 94: Todoroki, The GMO Hero

    Hey we're here with another one! We chat about some My Hero Academia episodes, some unfortunate birthdays and weird creator stuff. Then, we jump into some conversation around the Harley Quinn cartoon, as well as the interesting discourse going on between Birds of Prey and Sonic for some reason? It's...good stuff.

  77. Thumb 1582265285 artwork

    Geekly 93: Down the Hedgehog Hole

    It's our weekly episode, how about that? We get our mini Oscars recap on, with a side of Laura Dern chat. Then we get into our non-spoiler thoughts on the Sonic movie. Then we get back into Steph's descent into the Fast & Furious lore. Overwatch League is going strong and the desk has Dom pretty content with fashion. Hey, and My Hero Academia is still going. What an episode, check it out!

  78. Thumb 1582086087 artwork

    Sonic Reveal: Sonic The Spoilercast

    We saw the Sonic movie, so, we're talking about the Sonic movie. It's got all the spoilers, and we chat about everything we could think of. For the most part, we enjoyed it, and have some enjoyable things to say. Check it out!

  79. Thumb 1581461516 artwork

    Geekly 92: They Had Time!

    It's another one! The energy just keeps flowing, and we talk about a good bit. We chat about some Fast and Furious lore, My Hero Academia's latest shenanigans, Wargroove getting new content, and Birds of Prey! Good news, for that one. Also, Overwatch League is back, Good Smile has a lot of new toys, and Death Note came back and they were ready to drop some heat.

  80. Thumb 1580943250 artwork

    Geekly 91: Sprinkling the Spice

    Hey, we're back again! We start by chatting about Black History Month a little bit and then get into the pop culture chat! We get into fandom spice, Dom goes on a long chat about new Overwatch features, Steph keeps us up-to-date with Pokemon Go, and we finish off by talking about the Grammys. So much to say, so little time. Check it out!

  81. Thumb 1580340043 artwork

    Geekly 90: Cats, Hedgehogs, and Good Boys

    Hey, like we said, another one in quick succession! Today's is a little bit short, but that just means it's packed with more fun. We finally saw Cats...we chat about the new goings on with the McElroy Bros. show, Sonic came up, and Overwatch League is coming back. Fun chat, check it out!

  82. Thumb 1580093249 artwork

    Geekly 89: Su-Pies. Surprise Pies.

    Sorry for the delay, listeners. Some personal stuff slowed us down. That said, we still have an episode for y'all! We talked about our time at Ohayocon, Little Women, My Hero Academia, and some other good stuff. Some language stuff? It's fun, check it out!

  83. Thumb 1577816556 artwork

    Geekly 88: It's the End of the Year, and Batman Has No Quirk

    Well listeners, it's been another hell of a year, and we decided to do another tipsy episode answering listener questions. Other than that, it's just hanging out enjoying the end of a year and decade. It's fun, check it out!

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  85. Thumb 1576542906 artwork

    Geekly 87: Tekashi is in Hero Academia?

    (Spoilers for My Hero Academia until about the 14:40 minute mark.)

    It's another episode, jam-packed with chatting! We've got My Hero Academia recaps, we got some chatter on Knives Out, we got the Game Awards, and Steven Universe Future! What a day, check it out!

  86. Thumb 1575425422 artwork

    Geekly 86: Scrooge McDuck is the Ideal Billionaire

    We're back after our little break and we're just as ready to go. We have some nice chats about Frozen 2 (spoilers), the American Dad Speedrunning Community, more Disney+, The Game Awards, and My Hero Academia, of course. Wow! Jam-packed! Well hey, check it out!

  87. Thumb 1574914289 artwork

    We're On A Break, Here's a Sample Plate

    So Happy Holidays! We took a small break due to travel, but wanted to still have some content. Here's a small sample of what Geekly Reveal is like and what we're like! We have our contact links in the description, check it out!

  88. Thumb 1574208181 artwork

    Geekly 85: Mewtwo Will Come For You

    Another messy episode! We talk about the Sonic redesign! Yay! The new Charlie's Angels! Oh! Disney+! Wow! And then, of course, we recap My Hero Academia. Honestly, it's a good episode. Check it out!

  89. Thumb 1573607165 artwork

    Geekly 84: Or Get Off the Pot

    It's another episode with recaps and messy topics! So, of course, spoilers for My Hero Academia season 4, She-Ra season 4, and then like, the tricky discussion about discourse culture? I mean, there's stuff about Rick and Morty and Scorsese's takes on movies. Whew, it's a ride, check it out!

  90. Thumb 1572917736 artwork

    Geekly 83: A Messy, Low-Energy, Blizzard

    More content! We get into some meaty discussions about streaming schedules and the Great British Baking Show, Queer Eye in Japan, and a messy discussion about Blizzard and arts vs the companies that make them. Plus some chat about Mean Girls! It's fun stuff! Check it out.

  91. Thumb 1572313363 artwork

    Geekly 82: We Live In A Space Society

    It's getting to be that eerie time of year; that's right, Homestuck and leak season! We chat about the return of Homestuck, leaks around Overwatch and Sonic the Hedgehog, The Rise of Skywalker trailer, and our review of the latest My Hero Academia episode. Also, SNL was relevant to games? Okay. Check it out!

  92. Thumb 1571781407 artwork

    Geekly 81: The Man Has a Tickle Machine!

    Hey, we continue to be back! This time, we catch up on adventures in hair-styling, recap My Hero Academia, chat about The Adventure Zone and MBMBAM, and the trade drama in the Overwatch League. It's fun...hey, check it out!

    (Spoilers for Season 4, Episode 2 of the My Hero Academia anime at 4:00 until around 15:15)

  93. Thumb 1571101459 artwork

    Geekly 80: The Longest Lead Up

    Well dang, we're back. Sorry for being gone so long, life has been...well, life. But yes, we're back with a few good subjects: the Blizzard debacle, My Hero Academia is back, and of course, some wild tangents. We're glad to be back...check it out!

  94. Thumb 1557277598 artwork

    The Endgame Reveal - Spoilercast (Geekly 79)

    Hey friends! We saw Avengers: Endgame and we had to talk about it. It seems like the internet has hit a consensus that a week is usually a decent buffer for spoilers, but just in case: spoilers ahead! We quickly go through the plot, analyze a bit, and generally geek out about what we liked. Check it out!

  95. Thumb 1553486138 artwork

    Episode 36: Zora Brings Us Back!

    Whoa whoa! We're finally back! Yes, it's another episode of Character Reveal, the interview show that gets to know creatives! And to bring us back, we catch up with friend of the show, Zora Gilbert. We talk about their work on Dates! An Anthology of Queer Historical Fiction (Volume 3). Additionally, we talk with them about Kickstarters, comics and gaming industries, some culture stuff, and we bring out questions round back into the mix. It was a good one, and we're glad to be back. Check it out!

  96. Thumb 1552268815 artwork

    Geekly 78: Faster, Higher, Geekier

    Of course we're back with another one. This week has been wild, with lots of movie news. First though, we talk about the great Mr. Rogers. But then we get into trailer news with Shazam, then Hobbs & Shaw. We have a nice chat about Captain Marvel and we finish out with some disappointment with the new Sonic the Hedgehog movie design. Check it out!

  97. Thumb 1551665342 artwork

    Geekly 77: Let Pikachu Drop the F Bomb!

    It's another one and it's pretty game heavy, but we start with some other good stuff. We started with some discussion on His Dark Materials, then we got into a long Pokemon chat, before getting deep into video games. THQNordic stepped in it, Mortal Kombat continues with being kampy, Melee won't be at EVO, and more! Check it out!

  98. Thumb 1551063052 artwork

    Geekly 76: Our Bodies Are Ready

    We're here and we're having a good time! This was a quick one, but we had some nice topics. We talked about some leadership changes at Nintendo, as well as some other recent video game talks. And topics! Yay, Marvel. Also, Space Jam 2 got a date, and we've got some questions. Then we got into that weird, viral letter going around Philadelphia because we're well as some other viral postings. It's been a weird week, check it out!

  99. Thumb 1550455751 artwork

    Geekly 75: Movies, Awards, and Video Game Business

    It's another one! Despite getting done quickly, we talked about a lot. We re-introduced our Discord, because of course. Then we talked about film auteur, Tommy Wiseau, and Disney movies. After that, we got on our award show game and talked about the Grammy's and the Steam Awards. Lastly, we rounded out with discussion about the Activision Blizzard layoffs and Overwatch League; life is complicated. But hey, we made it light, check it out!

  100. Thumb 1549853865 artwork

    Geekly 74: We Have A Discord!..and pop culture chatter

    We're back with another episode! We have a nice, shiny Discord link if that's your jam! Either way, we talked about a a diverse set of topics! We start with some reactions from Super Bowl commercials, which includes Marvel trailers. Then we talked about video game world, which had to deal with Overwatch, as well as some Kingdom Hearts 3 chatter, the new battle royale game, Apex Legends, and a virtual concert in Fortnite. Oh! And Wargroove! We also talk a bit about some problems in the voice acting community. It's a packed episode, check it out!

  101. Thumb 1549502316 artwork

    Geekly 73: Kingdom Hearts 3 Is Out, so...

    It's a party! Kingdom Hearts 3 came out! A Birds of Prey teaser came out! Rent Live was a fiasco! How much fun could we have? The answer is, a lot actually. Check it out!

  102. Thumb 1548983063 artwork

    Universal Reveal: A Steven Universe Finale Spoilercast

    Hey, it's our Steven Universe season finale spoilercast! We had a lot of fun with this episode and sort of trying a new-ish format. But basically, this episode is exactly what it says! We recap the finale, giving some of our thoughts along the way along with some DISCOURSE to go with it. We hope you like it, and look forward to hearing some feedback. Check it out!

  103. Thumb 1548638230 artwork

    Geekly 72: We Live in a Fun Universe

    Dear Listeners, we've got another one for you all! We talked about a lot, again, and for a while actually. Marvel got a lot of our time with Oscar nomination talk, as well as discussion on a new trailer. We get unfortunately somber for a moment, and then dive into a long toy diatribe. And then politics, charity, and streaming? Oh my. Oh! And we touch on the latest Steven Universe, but we have a spoiler cast coming up soon; no spoilers in this one though. Check it out!

  104. Thumb 1548038230 artwork

    Geekly 71: Mid Convention Chilldown

    Hey friends! We took a break from Ohayocon to record a brisk episode! We talked about a few things; Carmen Sandiego, Stranger Things, of course some Overwatch, and Steven Universe. Oh. And we talked about bad fashion at anime conventions. Don't be one of those guys. But it's good! Check it out!

  105. Thumb 1547516102 artwork

    Geekly 70: New Year New Stuff

    We're back for the new year! It's good times, right? So, apologies that this episode was late...sometimes schedules slip. Maybe we're being controlled by an outside force like in Black Mirror's Bandersnatch. Or maybe we've just been floating around the internet like Mary Poppins. Who knows? What even is this bit? Nerdy stuff came up, conversation was fun, check it out!

  106. Thumb 1546211754 artwork

    Geekly 69: Happy Holidays (Nice)

    Wow it's the end of the year. It's been a long one for sure, and we wanted to send out the end of the year with our annual celebratory Q & A! We also did our typical geekly stuff with some discussion on Into the Spiderverse, Aquaman, MIB International, and more! Thanks for sticking with us through another year through our ups and downs, and we look forward to everything we've got planned for 2019. Cheers!

  107. Thumb 1545019352 artwork

    Geekly 68: Packed with Content

    Wow we talked about a lot this time, y'all. We talked about some movie trailers and teasers. Then we jumped into the Game Awards and some Grammy nominations. That wasn't enough, either. Then we got into some anime and manga news, and Christmas info. And of course some Overwatch stuff. And there was some Star Wars chat too? What a treat!

    And hey, send us some questions for our annual holiday episode, too!

  108. Thumb 1544415526 artwork

    Geekly 67: It's Another Week, Y'all

    We had another one, y'all. Tumblr is on fire, Captain Marvel is on fire, the Overwatch League rosters are on fire, and Steph talks about fiction that might involve fires? It's a good time, come check it out!

  109. Thumb 1543805083 artwork

    Geekly 66: Keep it Going

    We're keeping it going, friends! Before we get started, we're opening a call for listener questions for our holiday episode. If you have any geeky type questions, drop us a line on one of the social media links. Anyway, we talk about a good bit in this episode: live action anime, Artemis Fowl, Gamechops music, and the sequels for Handmaid's Tale and the Spider-Verse. So much, check it out!

  110. Thumb 1543203364 artwork

    Geekly 65: She-Rawr

    We've got another one, friends! What all do we have? We talked about the strangeness of The Crimes of Grindelwald, the freshness of Pokemon Let's Go, and Pokemon Go, the wildness of Venom, the longness of various Gamer Awards, and the greatness of She-Ra. Whew. It's a loaded one, but it's good! Sorry about some of the audio issues.

  111. Thumb 1542598045 artwork

    Geekly 64: With Great Respect

    The crew is back at full strength with a lot to say! But first, we gotta give respect and a rest in peace to Stan Lee.

    After that, we jump back to catch Steph's thoughts on the new Overwatch hero, Ashe. Then we get into the magic of Detective Pikachu, the weirdness of Toy Story 4, and some early She-Ra takes. It's some good stuff!

  112. Thumb 1541986553 artwork

    Geekly 63: Back Again!

    Hey we're back again with another quick one! It's Dom covering solo while Steph is a bit under the weather. He quickly covered Blizzcon, Deltarune, thoughts on voting, and some other gaming points. Let us know how you liked it!

  113. Thumb 1541456982 artwork

    PSA - Hey Go Vote!

    Hey, a break from what we normally do, but voting is important. So we wanted to encourage that.

  114. Thumb 1539734502 artwork

    Finding Five O'Clock Episode 2

    It's another one! It's the show where we pair beers with activities! We have a discussion around Japan's history with some beers, and some information on lager. Next, we talk about mixing something old with something a bit more "out there". We also talk about broadening your horizons and going on adventures.

  115. Thumb 1539569638 artwork

    Geekly 62: Just a Regular Wednesday

    Hey hey! It's a new week and a new episode! How about Venom? How about Sabrina? How about Elon Musk's bad jokes and marketing decisions? You know what it is, we're Geekly Reveal!

  116. Thumb 1538966811 artwork

    Geekly 61: It's Been A Wild Week

    Hey hey! It's a new week, so here's a new episode. What did we talk about? Well, Captain Marvel, new Netflix arrivals, the new Airbender, Space Jam 2, and more! Enjoy it, friends!

  117. Thumb 1538527756 artwork

    Finding Five O'Clock Episode 1

    Hey friends! We're here with our first official episode! We got some good responses on the pilot and we want to keep it going. Please enjoy some recommendations for beers and activities.

  118. Thumb 1538359760 artwork

    Geekly 60: After that Nintendo Direct

    Hey hey! Another week, another episode from the backlog! This time, we chatted about the Nintendo Direct, a touch of tennis, a smidge of music, and then some good cartoon discussion. It's a good one, enjoy it!

  119. Thumb 1537749487 artwork

    Geekly 59: Time for Adventure!

    Hey hey! We're back with another one. This time, we talked a lot about Adventure Time, its impact on animation, and queer cartoon content! Then, we get into some YA stuff! You know who we are. Then we get into some discourse, again, you know who we are. We get into some political type discourse towards the end, as a heads up. We're not fans of people being terrible. But, it's a good time, hope you enjoy it!

  120. Thumb 1537319778 artwork

    Pilot: Finding Five O'Clock

    Hey everyone! Not only are we back this week, but we've got a new pilot/show with another co-host for you all. This one is a slightly different style and pace than our normal fare, so we want to hear your feedback! Finding Five O'Clock is a show where our two co-hosts will pair a drink with an activity for you all to try! Imagine wine or beer pairings, but instead of food, it'll be some sort of activity or nerdy media. Let us know what you think!

  121. Thumb 1537230752 artwork

    Geekly 58: We're Back!

    Hey friends! We're back with a new format! We've been gone for a really long time for a few reasons, but we are jumping back in with a live component! Catch us each week broadcasting live on YouTube, or catch the conversation on this feed. This week, Steph and Dom have some chats about YA fiction and Overwatch. Check it out!

  122. Thumb 1526431896 artwork

    Episode 35: We Get to Chattin with Paul

    We're back with another one and this time we're talking with artist, Paul Veer! He's worked on such hits as Nuclear Throne and Sonic Mania, and loads of other projects, both physical and digital. We talked about some games he's worked on, how he's gotten onto certain projects, and generally chat. It's a good one!

  123. Thumb 1524440734 artwork

    Episode 34: We Chat with Nick

    We've got another one from...a while ago. But it's a good one! We chat about games writing and some of its intersection with other media. Then we talk about the cunning video game Subterfuge. Mostly, it's just a chill conversation with writers.

  124. Thumb 1523314293 artwork

    Episode 33: We Fan Out with Britta

    Hey hey, we're back! We chat with writer, Britta Lundin! She writes for the hit show, Riverdale, and she has a new book out called Ship It! Do you like fandom? How about the television or publishing industry? Then this episode will be a good time. We also talked about our experiences with fandom, and what it's like to be in fandom and to create.

  125. Thumb 1522022449 artwork

    Episode 32: We Laugh it up with Stan

    We've got another oneWe're back again talking with comic artist, Stan Stanley! We talked about webcomics, fandom, diversity, and food. It was a good time. We had some technical difficulties in the middle but we made it work...our apologies. Check it out!

  126. Thumb 1520992397 artwork

    Episode 31: We Return with Patrick

    We are back with a ridiculously overdue episode...but...we're back with Patrick Lindsey! He wrote for Depression Quest, edited for game anthology, Shooter, and continued critique with Bullet Points. So, we talked about video games, related critique and writing, as well as beers. Because beers are good.

    We're glad to be back.

  127. Thumb 1516322844 artwork

    Geekly 57: Paddington Lock Bear

    We've got another one for everyone! There wasn't a whole lot going on, so we mostly talked about the latest Nintendo Direct. Additionally, Steph just watched all of Rick and Morty, so we went back and forth on that for a while. Plus, Dom got really hype about Overwatch League. And a few other news items made appearances. Get into it!

  128. Thumb 1515792668 artwork

    Geekly 56: Don't Anakin Darth Vader

    We're back in the new year! We didn't have too many topics this time, but we did talk about the Golden Globes and various social issues that were illuminated because of it. Then we briefly got into the new Steven Universe episodes and Overwatch League. Get into it!

  129. Thumb 1514755811 artwork

    Geekly 55: Happy New Year!

    It's the end of the year, so we did our annual get-tipsy-and-answer-questions-episode! Thanks for the support everyone, and we hope to have more fun times with you all in 2018!

  130. Thumb 1513724835 artwork

    Geekly 54: Cat The Goat

    Hey we're back with another new episode! We kinda got sidetracked with our Star Wars episode, so this one is a bit late, but just as good! We ended up talking about loads and loads of movie, tv, and game news, so this one was definitely packed. For example, how about Pokemon, Nightvale, and Marvel? Then some Game Awards, Overwatch, and Capcom? Then loads more!

  131. Thumb 1513468533 artwork

    Geekly Bonus: The Last Jedi Special

    Hey we saw Star Wars: The Last Jedi and we felt compelled to give you our thoughts! We start the show spoiler free, and then give you a warning when the spoilers start. It's off the cuff and a first take of sorts, but a fun bonus episode to tide you all over!

  132. Thumb 1512965505 artwork

    Geekly 53: Warmness On Your Cheeks

    Hey we're back! We didn't have a whole lot this time, but we made it work! We talked about the Infinity War trailer, and some proper Mulan casting. Additionally, we talked about some oddities in Marvel hiring, the Hey Arnold Movie, and Batman Ninja. It was a good, chill week, with good, chill music.

  133. Thumb 1512441001 artwork

    Geekly 52: Joss Whedon Likes Butts

    We're back and we're keeping it moving! It was a short one, so we started with some simple rambling, but then jumped into the news. Splatoon 2 got a big update, which somehow turned into microtransaction talk. Then we talked about Jude Law being in Captain Marvel, and the end of the Universal Dark Universe...which somehow turned into Hollow Man. This episode was a ride, but hey, isn't that always the case?

  134. Thumb 1511908989 artwork

    Geekly 51: I Don't Want Wipes For Christmas

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We got into a decent bit, starting with fighting game news, Game Awards nominees, and an upcoming Mario movie. Then we talked about Justice League, the recent Steven Universe episodes, and other upcoming movie news. And we finished up with a revamped final section, focusing more on recommendations than capitalism.

    But then we got off track and looked up electronic toilet seats and bidet attachments. This is a high-brow nerd focused podcast for sure.

  135. Thumb 1510960333 artwork

    Geekly 50: I Got Drunk, That's Not a Stuff

    We talked about a lot this week! We talked about Injustice DLC and an upcoming Niantic Harry Potty game. Then we got into Disney/Marvel news and some concern about the new costumes for the Amazons in Justice League. What else...the new Doctor's outfit, Black Panther posters, and what we got this week!

  136. Thumb 1510458352 artwork

    Geekly 49: We Saw the V!

    Ought one mouse have all that power? After Dom had a lengthy aka session, we talked a lot about Disney this episode, as they were all over the news, including Steph's thoughts on Thor: Ragnarok. Then we got into Steven Universe, Twilight Zone, and Lord of the Rings, before going deep into Overwatch territory post-Blizzcon. Also, we talk about the difference between damp and moist. What fun!

  137. Thumb 1509490099 artwork

    Geekly 48: Halloween Vacation Episode!

    Happy Halloween! We were on vacation last week and did a nice quick episode! Enter our giveaway too, why don't ya? We covered lots of trailers including Black Panther, Hey Arnold, and Star Wars. Then we got into movie news about LEGO stuff, Bad Boys but with orcs, Thor, and Dora the Explorer? Then we round it out with some game news - always fun! Check it out!

  138. Thumb 1508871512 artwork

    Geekly 47: I Wouldn’t Want to Look Like One

    The episodes live on! We talked about some Splatfests, the Google Pixel event, Fantastic Beasts news, and of course the Rick and Morty Sauce Scandal. Then we did a round up of New York Comic Con and all its glory...and not glory. Then we got stuff, per the usual! Check it out!

  139. Thumb 1507482956 artwork

    Geekly 46: Mr. Worldwide is Everyone’s President

    More episodes! We're doing a giveaway, details below! But we kick off Halloween with news about Nintendo, a ton of Funko Pop news, and chatter on famous musician Pitbull! Also, a load of info on Overwatch, some DC movie news, and Twitter misses the mark. Don't miss it!

  140. Thumb 1506808658 artwork

    Geekly 45: Kristen Stewart the Hedgehog

    Another one! So Sonic is working with Hooters, a new Tomb Raider is coming out, and Dan Harmon doesn't like his sexist fans. This episode goes all over the place, which is good, right? Get into it!

  141. Thumb 1506188466 artwork

    Geekly 44: There Are No Nipples in Anime

    Back again with the news! We started with the onscreen news with the Hellboy castings, Star Wars 9 director, Wonder Woman 2's director, and Rick and Morty chatter. Then, for game time, we talk about Scott Pilgrim, and the Nintendo Direct. So, Mario's nipples come up. That's kind of a big deal in modern fiction it seems! And lastly, we talk about what we got and Dom discusses a shocking find within fanfiction. Check it out!

  142. Thumb 1505588067 artwork

    Geekly 43: So Much for Well Lubricated

    We're here after a nice long time off! We got into game news with the PAX West Nintendo showing and Olympic discussions in regards to video games. Then we talked about Star Wars' director woes, Neo Yokio, continuing My Immortal drama, and Magic School Bus. Eh. Then our legendary stuff we got section led to Fall Festivities and a discussion about the McElroy boys. Yo, check it out!

  143. Thumb 1504376959 artwork

    Geekly 42: Millenial Fiction: Han Solo’s Ship

    Bringing you the fun before Labor Day! We talked about the sad state of Half-Life 3, the newness with Final Fantasy 15, the new Mei short for Overwatch, and that's just the start! Then we got into the mud with the new Taylor Swift video, the YA controversy around the Handbook for Mortals, and the discussion around preventing whitewashing. We also threw some there's that. Check it out!

  144. Thumb 1503696665 artwork

    Geekly 41: Busted Double Digits

    Energy and excitement! Steph recaps her time at Flamecon, video game news excites us with Story Modes, Overwatch, Gamescom, and The Adventure Zone! But we still get a little burnt out by Joss Whedon, a Joker movie, and an Obi Wan movie. But hey, we keep it fun. Check it!

  145. Thumb 1503090931 artwork

    Geekly 40: He Looks Like a Melty Bill Nye

    It's us! So much gaming and TV news! Recap of Overwatch World Cup and Contenders news, then Sonic Mania and Pokemon Go! Then Rick and Morty, Orphan Black, Good Omens, and Duck Tales get out attention. The world might be rough, but pop culture is awesome! Get into it!

  146. Thumb 1502551542 artwork

    Geekly 39: Let the Thirst Keep Rollin

    We're back! The thirst was high in this week as the hotness on the internet was almost too much for us. We started calmly with some sports game news, but quickly dove into Splatoon, Overwatch, and Deadpool news with expected results. In other news, Rick & Morty is still great, Disney is taking some risks, Voltron discourse is chugging along, and Inhumans exists. Check it out!

  147. Thumb 1501805409 artwork

    Geekly 38: Emoji Movie - The Comedown from a Cocaine Fever Dream

    Exciting week! Rick and Morty is back, we got to see Domino in Deadpool 2, we chatted about Atomic Blonde, the Emoji Movie was a thing, and lots of other stuff. Busy week, with Overwatch League news, Wonder Woman getting an Oscar campaign, and the No Confederate hashtag got huge attention. Check it out!

  148. Thumb 1501274959 artwork

    Geekly 37: Marvel: Finally Sponsored by Melanin (SDCC 2017 Wrap Up)

    San Diego Comic Con happened, so we had to talk about it, of course! So we did, hitting the highlights that stuck out to us. We also covered Saiyuki, Darkwing Duck, Rocko's Modern Life, Pokemon, wow, so much! And Dom gave his opinions on Splatoon 2. Nothing shocking, but just as good! Check it out!

  149. Thumb 1500676474 artwork

    Geekly 36: You've Lifted Your Leg to Make the Step

    We're back with another Geekly! Dom was rendered speechless from racism, Steph was recovering from the strain of moving, and we discuss the duality of the new Doctor. Other than that, we chatted about EVO, Hey Arnold, A Wrinkle in Time, and more! Check it out!

  150. Thumb 1500342538 artwork
  151. Thumb 1500001357 artwork

    Geekly 35: Experimenting With Puns

    We're back again! We gave our non-spoiler thoughts on Spider-Man: Homecoming, talk about the new brown characters in Overwatch and Splatoon, respond to the South Park guys taking a weak outlook, as well as new upcoming movies, tv shows, and cartoons. It's nerdy and fun!

  152. Thumb 1498865283 artwork

    Geekly 34: Space Ventura (The Rule 34 Episode)

    It's our Rule 34 episode whatever that means! We talked about our trip to New York Pride, the Game Developers of Color Expo, then we got into all the Hollywood news from last week. So like, Han Solo, Transformers, and we watched the "Immigrants" video from the Hamilton Mixtape. It's tons of fun, check us out!

  153. Thumb 1498244793 artwork

    Geekly 33: Sunspanked Daddy Love Time 5000

    We're back even if it's a little late. This is our big E3 recap episode, as well as our introduction to the Daddy Simulator game. Then we dished about movies, the Whedon Wonder Woman script, and the good news about the expanding Spiderman universe. Then, we bring Space Jam and Jurassic Park into a shared universe. Also Duck Tales chat. Sure, why not.

  154. Thumb 1497842754 artwork

    Episode 29: Cuteness, Comics, and Board Games with Brian

    We caught up with Brian Wolf about his creative work. He makes board games, comics, and various fun art. We talked about his process, how he got into game making, and what he plans to do in the future. We also went off the rails and got fannish about some fandom favorites. Check it out!

  155. Thumb 1497573506 artwork

    Geekly 32: Dirty Puppets

    We made it back! With two weeks of stuff, we make it work. We started with Wonder Woman and Steven Universe talk, then jump into teaser trailers. Black Panther, Voltron, The Tony's, and some hints of E3 news. Then Dom got a bad case of hiccups. It was fun, really.

  156. Thumb 1496967031 artwork

    Geekly 31.5: We're Sick, But Here's an Update

    We're both a little under the weather and out of it this week, but we still wanted you to have a quick update. Make sure you check out our episode of Character Reveal from this week, it's a good one!

  157. Thumb 1496631676 artwork

    Episode 28: Comic Talk With Wayne

    We caught up with our old comic book guy, Wayne Wise, to talk about comics and pretty much the culture around them. We got into crossover events, promotional material, and even some civil rights discussions. Pretty well rounded with some laughs, check it out!

  158. Thumb 1496334107 artwork

    Geekly 31: Forever 21st Order

    Another week, another Geekly! We tried to be quick on this one, but still got sidetracked. And how couldn't we with Star Wars and Wonder Woman news? We also jumped into news surrounding video games and we made terrible puns. Great time right?

  159. Thumb 1495764418 artwork

    Geekly 30: It's Not Called Knock Knock Penny

    We're back with another Geekly! Game news and movie news was abundant! Of course we had to hit Sonic Forces and ARMS, and in movie land, we have Star Trek and the Rihanna/Lupita project! The internet is a wonderful place. Oh! And we got a Patreon! Check it out, link in the full description.

  160. Thumb 1495415179 artwork

    Episode 27: Getting Fannish with Lilah

    We're back in the Character Reveal mode with what is essentially our Season 2! And for this episode, we caught up with Lilah Vandenburgh, director of BBC3's Uncle. We talked to her about show creation, being behind the scenes in television, and fandom from all sorts of angles. Really a fun conversation, check it out!

  161. Thumb 1495148801 artwork

    Geekly 29: Is Rose Quartz the Snape of Steven Universe?

    Check it out, gang! To very minimal fanfare, it's our one year anniversary! We celebrated by doing a regular episode and covering the nerdy. We got gaming news, Deadpool cartoon, Sleepy Hollow got canned, and new games. Then, we dive into last week's Steven Universe episodes. It was a full week, and we spoil the whole thing. If you want to avoid them, skip to at 59:35. And as always, it's a great one.

  162. Thumb 1494467040 artwork

    Geekly 28: They Shat on the Film

    Yeah we earned the explicit tag this week! So we got into some real world issues like politics and Nicki Minaj. We quickly went into understanding the marketing behind Wonder Woman, Star Wars Day, and Free Comic Book Day. Then, because we love Marvel too, we raised concerns about the Inhumans, the Defenders, and got weird about Guardians of the Galaxy 2. We promise we're adults.

  163. Thumb 1493243787 artwork

    Geekly 27: That Would Get You Laughed Out of Anime School

    So, we kind of started with conversation about roaches, for some reason? So, content warning on that if that suits you. But, we're nerds, so of course we got into some minor Bill Nye chat and other internet jazz. Then we pretty much shot the breeze about Marvel's newest nonsense. But then we talk about Steven Universe fora bit. We were all over the place, but it was fun.

  164. Thumb 1492644056 artwork

    Geekly 26: Did You Say Jude Law Is In Dumbledore?

    We're back from our little convention break with the weekly updates! Tekko was a great convention, but we still found time to catch the Star Wars and Thor trailers! Additionally, we get hype about Carmen Sandiego, Cable and Deadpool, and wonder what's going on in Dumbledore's head.

  165. Thumb 1491431896 artwork

    Geekly 25: Spider-Man 2 Isn't Just One of My Favorite Superhero Movies

    The obligatory April Fools' Day episode! We didn't get all that ridiculous, but, we did talk about ridiculous and interesting nerd stuff. We covered some of the cool pop culture April Fools' events that took place, the implications of a Black Santa Claus, the misadventures of Joss Whedon and more, of course! Check it out, we had fun, you will too!

  166. Thumb 1490844459 artwork

    Geekly 24: Smells Like Salt and Pain

    We got into it on this one. Movies are doing the bright and colorful thing, but Death Note really brought our spirits down. But we stayed optimistic because of Power Rangers, Spider-Man, and the Justice League. Check it out!

  167. Thumb 1490234214 artwork

    Geekly 23: Bootywatch: Equal Opportunity Booty

    It's another one! We decided to talk about what Marvel is up to, movie reboots, and convention news. As always, we got off the rails many times, but brought you last week's interesting news. Check it out!

  168. Thumb 1489542398 artwork

    Geekly 22: Hong Kong Phooey Would've Had a Better Revival Than Iron Fist

    We're back and smooth as ever! We talked about the Marvel world including Thor and company's fashion and the controversy surrounding Iron Fist. Then we went to movie land to discuss the newest Wonder Woman trailer, a Little Mermaid trailer, and the casting for Deadpool's Domino. We rounded things out with a Steven Universe recap and good times were had. Jump right in!

  169. Thumb 1489267486 artwork

    Geekly 21: It's Got Good Mouth Feel (featuring Zora Gilbert)

    We brought in our special guest Zora Gilbert to talk about their Kickstarter for Dates! An Anthology of Queer Historical Fiction (Volume 2). And as always, we got up to some geeky news including some talk on the Nintendo Switch, a bunch of comic trailers to come out, Overwatch, Steven Universe, and comics. Action packed and hilarious, our specialty.

  170. Thumb 1488425198 artwork

    Geekly 20: Sombra is Blizzard's Deadpool

    It's Oscar Watch 2017! Or, at least, a Geekly while the Oscars were on. We caught up on Steven Universe, recent Overwatch news, and what Key & Peele have been up to. (Hamlet and Get Out) Other than that, we're up to our usual jokes and laughs, but actually quicker this week! You'll love it!

  171. Thumb 1487908299 artwork

    Geekly 19: Capitalism, But Also Rice

    Geekly! Again! We jump into the movie rumor mill and discuss good and bad decisions. We also talk toy news, upcoming comics, and the Pokemon Go update. We finish off with a Dungeons and Dragons discussion as well as recaps on the last two Steven Universe episodes. It's, like, fun!

  172. Thumb 1487213135 artwork

    Geekly 18: The Magic School Booty

    Back again with the Geekly news! Gender lines are being busted in toy land, Netflix is getting Magic School Bus and Castlevania, the nerd space is being weird, and the Grammy's were a thing! You probably don't want to miss this one.

  173. Thumb 1486676165 artwork

    Geekly 17: Corporate Twitters Are DTF

    We talked about a lot this time! Super Bowl shenanigans, incoming Funko Pops, then a lengthy and spoiler-filled discussion of the latest Steven Universe block!

  174. Thumb 1486070571 artwork

    Geekly 16: There's Speedo Potential Everywhere

    We're here with another episode full of geeky goodness! Wolverine and X-23 are on the spot, we discuss Star Wars titles and wild speculation, Kojima is making more promises about his games, and we talk about an Oregon Trail play. And Overwatch. Because tradition.

  175. Thumb 1485806828 artwork

    Episode 26: We Got Comical With Uncle Yo

    We caught up with geek comedian, Uncle Yo, to talk about comedy, balancing audience expectations, conventions and more. While we talked about some light and bubbly topics, we also got into some darker humor. Of course, it always circles around into a bigger point. As always, we learned a lot about our guest and had some laughs along the way. Check it out!

  176. Thumb 1485320295 artwork

    Geekly 15: Coming Soon: Marvel's Hobbit

    We're back with an episode that's optimistic about politics, we mention sports, and pepper in some Overwatch. Then! We talk about Black superheroes and the honorable Patrick Stewart. Then, Dungeons and Dragons talk, because we're getting into that soon! Basically, you'll laugh, cry, and have great fun.

  177. Thumb 1484710281 artwork

    Geekly 14: Can You Imagine If They Just Auto Tune Will Smith's Voice?

    Back again with some geekly content! We started this episode out very video game heavy, mostly to discuss this past weekend's charity events. The #Spawn4Good and Awesome Games Done Quick events were held. Additionally, more Nintendo Switch info is out and Overwatch is lighting up porn websites. Then we talk about Voltron, Sherlock, honoring actors who have passed, musicals, and Will Smith in more odd movie news. Check it out!

  178. Thumb 1484020840 artwork

    Episode 25: Hilarity with Maddy Myers

    We're back from forever with a hilarious episode with Maddy Myers, an editor and games critic. We talked about a lot, from the serious to the silly, including online personalities, shipping, Pokemon food ethics, and slashfic. But mostly, we had some laughs and talked about how nerd culture. Check it out!

  179. Thumb 1484109709 artwork

    Geekly 13: Was Han Solo Going Commando?

    We're settling back into the normalcy of regular, non-holiday episodes. Although it was a fairly quiet week, we still had some things to chat about. We mourned a bit for the last gasps of 2016, Fancon and other conventions, Pittsburgh sports, Hidden Figures, and just some weird things in the nerdy space. Pony Island and Ariana Grande are mentioned in the same episode, and I'm not sure that's ever happened.

  180. Thumb 1483501987 artwork

    Geekly 12: Crash Bandicoot is Wearing JNCO Jeans

    It's our holiday episode to end the year right! We're following in the risky tradition of having some drinks with our podcast, as a hopeful treat to the listeners. As well, we answered a bunch of fan questions that went in a bunch of different directions. Tons of Overwatch chat, Pokemon, Sports, Sex, what more could a geek want? Huge thanks to everyone who sent in questions, and we hope to do this more often.

    Explicit content and alcohol mention.

  181. Thumb 1482441814 artwork

    Geekly 11: He's A Plumber, He Probably Has Strong Hands

    Okay, everyone! We're back from some of the weirdness we had going on, but we're strong as ever! There were racial highs and lows in Hollywood, spoiler free chat about Rogue One, news in Night Vale, Nintendo's mobile shenanigans, and Duck Tales. Disney took us on a weird turn. And lastly, yes. Overwatch chat.

  182. Thumb 1481763455 artwork

    Geekly 10: Is This US Airways? No This is Patrick

    We're back with a Geekly! We talked nerdy movie trailers, live musical theater, anime games and anime gays, honestly, it was jam packed! You'll like this one. Transformers, Sherlock, and Yuri on Ice, what more could you want?

  183. Thumb 1481320935 artwork

    Episode 24: We Got Magical With Chevy

    We got to talk to Chevy Ray, the game developer behind the upcoming Ikenfell! We talked about the value of taking your time with your art, how Ikenfell came to be, and the importance and utility of crowdfunding. We also discussed experimental games and their impact. Oh, and we finally got through all the rapid fire questions and even got a new one! Definitely a fun conversation!

  184. Thumb 1481082982 artwork

    Geekly 9: The Drive Through Movie Theater

    Still at it! We discussed some new movie news, The Mummy, Guardians of the Galaxy 2, the Cursed Child coming to Broadway. Then a lof of video game news with Capcom, Naughty Dog, and Playstation. Oh, and the Game Awards. Then we close out with stuff we got including overpriced trees and the Hamilton Mixtape. It's a good one! And yes, explicit language.

  185. Thumb 1480471541 artwork

    Geekly 8: But I Can Read Quite Well

    We're back, once again. And we talked about Moana for a good bit. Black Panther keeps our hearts captured, Vampire Chronicles comes up, and we talk about some more Hamilton stuff. Mild Virtual Reality conversations, too. Oh, and Overwatch. Of course. And yes, explicit language.

  186. Thumb 1480120043 artwork

    Episode 23: We Get Weird with Mikey

    We got a chance to kick it with Mikey from the 96.1 FM morning show. We got right into the weirdness talking about Florida stories, some of the cool things we appreciate about Japan, furries, how Pittsburgh is a weird city, Top 40 radio stations as a concept, and lots of nerdy things thrown throughout. Definitely a fun one!

  187. Thumb 1479868216 artwork

    Geekly 7: Little Wade

    Well hey, we got weird with this one. We started with anime trailers and the new Steven Universe! But, then we got into controversies, yay. Pence vs. Hamilton, Ubisoft vs. Body Parts, and Fantastic Beasts vs. Problematicness. Then the stuff we got. Have some fun, have some laughs.

  188. Thumb 1479440023 artwork

    Episode 22: Conversing With Conrad

    We're back and talking with Conrad Zimmerman, of the internet and video games! We went over so many things: There was movies and storytelling, then storytelling in games, a shift gears to underrated shows, aspirations and life paths. We also talked about what not to do at energy plants, copyright struggles and optimism.

    Also, we mention some election stuff as this was recorded weeks ago. It's around 56 minutes if you're burnt out from all that and lasts about 3-4 minutes.
    As well, we talk about some alcholism towards the end, but follow it with a related story to take the edge off.

  189. Thumb 1479257935 artwork

    Geekly 6: Reed Richards Couldn't Make the Reach I'm Making

    Definitely explicit language in this one. Last week was a hard one and we needed to vent some. Of course we discuss the election, so if that's been too stressful for you, please skip most of the first segment (go to about 14:50)

    But other than that! We talk about SNL, have some long anime talks, talk about Pacific Rim, and the Hamilton Mixtape. We managed to pull some fun into this one, and there's great music as always!

  190. Thumb 1478828046 artwork

    Geekly 5: Wonderful Women of Comics

    Aw yeah, we're back from vacation. Recorded this past Sunday. We definitely had a good time, laughed and joked, and got a bit...ridiculous and personal. But, DC Movies seem to be getting out of their slump, comics are still weird, Dom's Phone Saga seems to be coming to an end, and representation is staying strong. Good news, right?

  191. Thumb 1478229956 artwork

    Episode 21: Spacey With Riley

    We got a chance to talk to Riley of the Media Mavens podcast about representation, streaming, video games, and the political difference between the United States and Candada. It's got nerdiness, commentary, and Canada! What more could you ask for? Jump in!

  192. Thumb 1477366447 artwork

    Geekly 4: Adaptation, Not Adaption

    Once again, what we're doing, and happened, and what we got! So yeah, Hamildoc, Space Battle Lunchtime, the Rocky Horror Picture Show, RiRi Williams, Guardians of the Galaxy 2, and wow, so much!

  193. Thumb 1477020468 artwork

    Episode 20: We Spread the Deets with Anna

    We got a chance to talk to Anna Tarkov of the Unconsoleable podcast about mobile gaming and the associated space, the stigma surrounding getting old and motherhood, and shared some kind words with each other. It's nerdy, it's games, get into it!

  194. Thumb 1476760847 artwork

    Geekly 3: Soldier 76, Confirmed Trekkie

    As always, we chatted about what happened this past week. So, Rogue One, Welcome to Showside, and Alex Trebek inciting a rap beef? Sounds about right.

  195. Thumb 1476484896 artwork

    Episode 19: Culture Chat with Ismail

    Some mild audio issues. We caught up with our good friend Izzy to chat about a lot of things: Meeting celebrities, dealing with racism in the media and how to cope, millennial struggles, a discussion about what constitutes a culture (is nerd culture or spoiler culture a thing?), and some rants about anime! What more could you want?

  196. Thumb 1476245223 artwork
  197. Thumb 1475627531 artwork

    Geekly 1: Luke Cage and the Hasbro Extended Universe

    It's our first real episode of Geekly Reveal! It's an addition to what Character Reveal already is, to give you all something a bit general to catch up on things that may or may not be outside of your own wheelhouse. We'll still have the guest conversations on Thursdays, no worries! This week, we talked about a bunch of Luke Cage and other comic superheroes, as well as our upcoming NYCC plans!

  198. Thumb 1475186116 artwork

    Episode 18: All the Fandom with Aja

    We got a chance to talk to our friend, and fandom reporter, Aja Romano! We talked about internet culture, how memes can come and go into fashion, and how fandom works as a phenomenon. Also, we chatted about horror movies!

    We had a few audio glitches, but the episode still came out. It sorts out around 25 minutes. Sorry in advance.

  199. Thumb 1474513198 artwork

    Episode 17: Geekly Reveal?

    We did a hosty episode! Steph and Dom caught up and chatted about what our coming plans are for the show and ourselves. We also built a soft pilot for a potential extension to the show. We would love your feedback on our new concept, Geekly Reveal! We talk about the nerdy things we've seen that happened in the past week.

  200. Thumb 1473982988 artwork

    Episode 16: Talking Nerdy and Tech with Tatiana

    We got a chance to talk to the Grand Dutchess of Tech herself, Tatiana King! We talked about so much, including phone advice, a past Star Trek convention, convention tips, cosplay, and even frustrations with Pokemon. Also, we had some annoying technical issues, but we kept the interesting parts of them. Check it out!

  201. Thumb 1473368894 artwork

    Episode 15: Talking Random with Robby

    We caught up with our friend Robby, an indie game developer and generally cool guy. We talked about the game of course, and reminisced about old shows, talked about the benefits of working from home, and laughed about different things.

  202. Thumb 1472785680 artwork

    Episode 14: Games, Trees, and Candy with Kahlief

    We talked about all kinds of things with Kahlief Adams of Spawn On Me. Of course we got into video games and podcasting, but also tree jokes, meeting your heroes, racist candy and all kinds of laughs. Definitely not one to miss!

  203. Thumb 1471560233 artwork

    Episode 13: We Get Hollywood With Aziza

    We talked about a lot of television, streaming shows, production, industry stuff, and the state of media, really. Fascinating stuff. Check it out!

  204. Thumb 1470966464 artwork

    Episode 12: Chattin' with Chico Leo

    So we talked about a lot of comics and culture with the Chico Leo. Explicit language for sure, but a lot of laughs, movies, and general nerdery. Check it out!

  205. Thumb 1469671444 artwork

    Episode 11: On the Road with Austin

    We got a chance to talk with Austin Carter, one of the artists from the Artist Alley at Colossalcon 2016! Been saving this one for a rainy day and as a live/on-the-road episode, please excuse out sound issues. (It was tough to find a room in a busy convention hall) He does art and fashion and it's pretty cool.

  206. Thumb 1469155998 artwork

    Episode 10: We Get Comical with Zora

    We spoke to our buddy Zora about comics, queer identity, and queer comic! We got some Pittsburgh stuff, video games, publishing, and had a great questions round! It was a fun and long episode - lots to say!

  207. Thumb 1468459017 artwork

    Episode 9: The Hosts Have A Catch-Update

    Steph and Dom have had some stressful weeks and needed some time to catch up. As well, we wanted to update you all with what is happening on the show and what is in the pipeline! As well, we discuss the previous week's rough spots and some comments on that. It's a quicker one than normal, but still should be a nice listen.

  208. Thumb 1467868196 artwork

    Episode 8: Some Laughs with the Auracle

    We talked with The Auracle, aka Bae Grylls, aka Joseph about many things. He's a Renaissance man of sorts, and we spoke about activism, masculinity, sports, Star Wars, graphic novels, and more of our typical nerdy stylings. He's our first guest from the other side of the pond, and we got into a lot! Explicit language warning, but it was a good time.

  209. Thumb 1467350214 artwork

    Episode 7: Being a Friend with Evin

    We talked with our good friend Evin about LARPing, cosplay, conventions, and just got a bit goofy! He's a cool guy that we've known for a bit, so it was a good ol' catch up fest. Explicit language and some mention of alcohol, but it's all in good fun.

  210. Thumb 1466653417 artwork

    Episode 6: Braving a Storm with Pam

    We talked with Pam of Media Mavens about games and pop culture! It's kind of our thing, yeah? Meanwhile, Dom's microphone picked up a thunderstorm, so please enjoy the ambient tones of that. We also talk about YouTube and make some Hot Takes on pop culture. Fun for everyone.

  211. Thumb 1466111267 artwork

    Episode 5: Kickin' it with Ken

    We sat down with Ken Gagne and talked about so much! Chatted about sci-fi, pop culture, video games, journalism, multiple sclerosis, Apple 2, and much more? What more could you want? Well, it's probably in there! (CW: Small bit about the tragedy in Orlando at the beginning, if this isn't something that interests you, please skip to 2:15)

  212. Thumb 1465449939 artwork

    Episode 4: Speaking with Sabriel

    We sat down and talked with Sabriel Mastin, a freelance writer and games critic! Of course, we talked about those things, plus panels, representation, and of course our lovely rapid fire round.

  213. Thumb 1464761835 artwork

    Episode 3: Cookin' Cosplay with Tom

    We got a chance to talk to another local Pittsburgher, Tom Higgs of Cosplay Kitchen, about cosplay, cosplay, and more cosplay! Also, we talked about other nerdy stuff and our weird city.

  214. Thumb 1464232708 artwork

    Episode 2: Chatting with Autumn

    Our second episode, and the last one with audio issues! Still, we have a good conversation with our friend Autumn about college and Pittsburgh and the things you know we love.

  215. Thumb 1463622081 artwork

    The Actual Pilot with Tzufit

    We got a guest, and got everything sorted out! We spend some time with Tzufit Allen, an expert on pop culture and the like!

  216. Thumb 1463622476 artwork

    Episode 1: Talkin' With Tanya

    A real episode! Despite still facing some audio issues, we have a nice chat with Tanya of I Need Diverse Games!

  217. Thumb 1463621703 artwork

    The Pre-Pilot

    The first pilot, basically, an episode to get our feet wet and let people know about us.

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